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With over 25 years of work experience in vintage clothing and fashion, David Dray, the mind behind Ora Industries, has become one of the best wholesale supplier of premium American vintage since 2012. With his extensive knowledge in fashion, David Dray has worked for iconic American brands such as Von Dutch by Christian Audigier, Ed Hardy by Christian Audigier, Antik Denim, JT Racing...


Based in Los Angeles, California, Ora Industries serves premium American vintage to all. Whether you are looking to implement a vintage corner in your fashion boutique, or you are a designer who is in need of vintage inspiration, Ora Industries is for you.


Ora Industries has an extensive inventory with 100’s of different categories. We specialize in premium brand name products and offer countless items such as vintage denim and leather jackets, Levi's jeans, rock and Harley Davidson Tee shirts, Nike-Adidas, Champion, sneakers, hats, accessories and much more.


With Ora Industries' meticulous selecting process, we are capable of distributing the highest of qualities by hand selecting each item and washing it in house making the items ready to wear. 


Ora Industries is also involved in fashion branding and product development, along with supplying companies worldwide.

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